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Understanding Clickbank

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to become an Affiliate Marketer“.  You get paid commissions by making sales on other people’s products!  You do not have to create a product, process the orders, etc.  You are simply getting the word out about the product and making sales for yourself as well as the vendor. This is where Clickbank comes into play! Understanding Clickbank is essential!

The largest provider of digital products is Clickbank!  You can choose from thousands of products in a huge variety of categories.  All you have to do is join Clickbank – there is absolutely no cost for joining.

So here are some valuable guidelines to understanding Clickbank and how to read the various rankings that are listed on each product.

Clickbank Marketplace

The Clickbank Marketplace  is where you find all listed products.  These products are broken up into various categories.  If you are interested in Pet Products, you should look under Home and Garden. If you are interested in helping people start a business, you should look under Business/Investing.

Is The Product Worth It?

The first thing you need to do is decide whether a product is worth your time and energy to promote.  You should always look for commissions that offer 50%.  Keeping in mind that Clickbank will deduct transaction fees from the sale. There are top vendors that offer as high as 70% – 75%! This is where you will see the commission offered for the product – Avg% Sale.

Next ask yourself Is It In demand!

The Marketplace listings are ranked by popularity. The popularity of a product is determined by a number of factors.  The first being the amount of sales that have been made on this product and the number of affiliates promoting this product.  Keep in mind, that even though a product might be first on the list, does Not mean you will make sales on that particular product.  The reason being, if there are a huge number of affiliates already promoting this product, chances are you will Not make sales because it’s already over saturated. The popularity of a product is listed as the Gravity.

There might be a product that is ranking in low popularity right now, that Does Not mean the product is no good – it could very well be a new product and everyone has not jumped on it yet! This might be a good product to look into!  Become one of the first! New products pop up on Clickbank constantly and therefore it’s a good idea to check back regularly.

How Effective Are the Vendor’s Sales Pages?

I can not stress enough, the need to do research on products and visit the sales page of the product.  This way you can see if the vendor has done a good job in setting up the page, in order to sell it.

I also look for a website for the vendor.  I want to know if this vendor offers good support to affiliates. A vendor should have a website or pages that offer promotional tools for the affiliate, such as banners, emails for solos, reviews and endorsements. A really nice addon would be a newsletter from the vendor, offering helpful tips and ideas for promoting the product! If they offer this, signup for it!

Can you contact the vendor?  Open communication is important in case you have questions or possibly need help with various promotional materials.

Send an inquiry and see if you hear back from this person in a timely manner.  Now I’m not saying in the next hour or so.  This person might have numerous emails to get through and might not be able to get to you for a day or so.  That’s fine!  When you do get a reply, you should be able to deduce from their response on how committed this vendor is towards his/her product.  Are they glad you contacted them?  Did they give you the helpful information you were looking for? Maybe you still have questions,  have they let you know that any further needed help is welcome?

This information should get you started with understanding Clickbank. Signup Here for a Clickbank account and  look around for products.  Clickbank also offers many articles on How To that you should  read up on.  Many times you will find the answer to your questions right on their site.

Here’s To Your Affiliate Success!

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