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The Need Tools For Affiliate Marketing:

- An Autoresponder
- A Blog or Website
- Products

A Blog Site: I, personally, chose to set up a good blog site vs. and expensive website with a lot of bells and whistles.  Let me say why:  A Good Blog with proper keywords and great posts will drive traffic to your blog as well, if not in some cases, better than a full blown site.  What are you using the site for?  You are using it to advertise your Affiliate Programs, right?  You don’t need shopping carts, colors, shapes and sizes of merchandise, etc.  And a Blog is a much less expensive avenue for starting an Affiliate Marketing business.

AutoResponders: “Autoresponders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.”-Wikipedia.org

The Advantages and Disadvantages


Affiliate Marketing offers the Merchant a huge market to sell their products and services.  It provides merchants with more customers and will create more sales. This goes with not spending valuable time searching for prospects and it’s a lower cost to them.

For the Affiliate, this is the kind of business that is relatively easy to do and and create some nice money.  Most Merchants have banners, text links and even newsletters that the affiliate can take advantage of in their advertising.

The Advantage to the Customer is obvious.  They get the Answer to Their Particular Problem very quickly by visiting the Affiliate’s Website/Blog.  Once again, this comes back to the Affiliate doing their homework on that particular product and believing this is an excellent opportunity or product to sell!


Some affiliates just want the money and really don’t care if the product is a complete scam or not.  They make false claims, false advertising and mislead the customers in order to get that commission.  When this happens, it’s the Merchant that suffers from the complaints and looses the customer for sure.  Affiliates that operate this way, will be sifted out sooner or later and Merchants just won’t deal with them.  Keep in mind, as large as the Internet is – it’s still a small enough community that “word gets around”.

My advise, keep your nose clean, tell the truth, do not sell something you just don’t believe in.

This can also happen in reverse.  The Affiliate chooses a product that has a great writeup, seems like a wonderful business opportunity, product or service.  After all, the Merchant said so!  The affiliate puts all of his or her energy into promoting, advertising and generally getting the word out there about this wonderful product.  In the end, the Merchant is a Scam!  You didn’t do all your homework and found out that 99% of people that got involved with this Merchant were burned! Sometimes the Merchants will shut down their business and walk off with the profits and the affiliate is left in the lurch with the consumer!  Even with the disadvantages, I believe that the majority of Merchants and Affiliates are honest people trying to move a product, service or opportunity.

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