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One of the most crucial steps in writing articles, for others or for yourself, is your grasp of essential English and Grammar! Understand one thing, if your English is poor or your Grammar is awful, you are sunk.

Mistakes will get you turned down by folks looking for good writers for their blogs or their articles. They are looking for someone to help them because, quite honestly, they can not write and need someone to do it for them.

I have seen over an over again, poor grammar, misspells and confusing content.  I can’t imagine how anyone will  understand the article or what the writer is trying to convey!

I have been freelance writing for sometime now and these are tools I never go without:

Thesaurus.com which is a tab available in Dictionary

Spelling correctly or looking for a word with a little more punch can make or break an article. That said, Use Thesaurus With Care — you do not want to find the most exotic word to replace a common word. The reader needs to understand what you are saying and using exotic words will leave them in the dark.  Thesaurus is a wonderful tool but there are many words in thesaurus that will leave readers clueless.

Quality over Quantity is always the best route to take. Just adding paragraphs upon paragraphs is not necessarily “quality”. Try and convey your message in as few words as possible.

That said, I am not suggesting you throw one paragraph up on a blog and consider it great stuff. Keep it informative while delivering interesting material, you are not writing a novel.

You might be a wonderful writer but you are making mistakes you don’t even know you are making.  Try this small test:

Should you use “between you and me” or “between you and I” ?

Do you know the difference between “effect” and “affect” — this one, I will tell you quite honestly, is one of my biggest pit falls!

Lastly, I will say if you wish to be a professional writer — hone your skills! If you need help with improving your English or Grammar, you are welcome to look into this course Essential English. It’s a wonderful course and has helped many writers, including myself!

I hope this has been helpful for you.


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