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There are certain habits and qualities you need to incorporate in order to succeed as a blogger today.  I have listed 5 actions you need to take into consideration if you wish to be successful with blogging.

1.    Blogging does take hard work and dedication.  You must write articles for your blog regularly – every day – if you can or at least 3 times a week.  Writing does take effort and concentration on your part but it’s essential for a successful blog.  You will never generate high volumes of traffic if you don’t do anything, if you don’t write articles to draw people to your site. Your articles should be of the best quality and contain excellent content.  If you are not good at writing, hire a freelance writer or also known as a ghostwriter.  You can find many that offer their services at a very inexpensive rate and will give you excellent content.

2.    Make your blog a unique, interesting place for people to want to be at.  Captivating your audience is the key word here.  Think like your visitors, what do they want to get out of your blog?  What things would interest your visitors regarding your niche?  Be clever, be a little creative.  I have a blog for pets, I welcome visitors to send me an email with a picture of their pet or pets.  Once a week I go through the photos and choose one to appear on the blog as Pet Of The Week.  People love seeing their pet on my page and will send friends to go see for themselves!

3.    As a successful blogger, you want to have great opportunities to make money with your blog.  There are many ways you can achieve this.  If you have your own products, this is a great place to get them seen and sold.  Affiliate Marketing is another lucrative, relatively easy way to make commissions from sales of products. Look for folks that need advertising space for their products and sell some advertising space.  Just be sure that the products are within the niche of your blog!  If you sell space, items or products that have absolutely nothing to do with your niche, this does not look good with Google and other search engines.  So beware!

4.    Exchange traffic with other blogs in your niche – back links!  Leaving comments on other blogs of the same niche and leaving your link to your blog can be a tremendous way to drive traffic to you. Look for blogs that have high traffic and rankings.  Visit these sites regularly, leave comments and sooner or later, these people will visit your blog as well.

5.     It takes time to build a high volume of traffic to your blog, be persistent and never quit!

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