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There are some tactics that have worked for online marketing and still do.  They’re not that complicated but they are tried and true.

Tip #1:

Use unique web pages to promote each products separately!  Do Not jumble them all together.  They will lose credibility tossed together.  Separately, you can focus on the uniqueness of each product and thereby promote in a better light.

If you have access to product reviews – Use Them!  Visitors to your website or your squeeze page, want to be informed and want as much information as possible for them to make an intelligent decision on products.  If you have reviews from individuals, please be sure you have their permission to use their names/photos and their reviews first.

Tip #2:

Offer your readers a Free Report before the purchasing product.  By offering a free report that is in the same theme and is valuable information – this could lead readers to understanding why this product is worth purchasing!

Note: Most research shows that a sale is usually made on or around the 5th to 7th contact with the reader.

Focus on Important attributes to this products – Do Not Sales Pitch!  Include compelling subjects in your emails and Avoid the word FREE.  This word is interpreted as Spam and many email carriers will send these emails to a spam folder! So, Don’t Use the Word FREE.

Convince your readers that signed up for your no cost report that they will really be missing out on something big if they do not get this product.

Tip #3:

Get Traffic that is targeted to your product!  Your website should compliment what you are selling.  In other words, if you are selling car parts, why would you list a product on your Pets Blog?? The People visiting your blog for pets are Not interested in car parts! Period.  They will see this product punch and leave.  They probably will not come back.

Write articles for E-Zine that compliments your product, shows that you have extensive knowledge in this product and will be happy visit your site for more information.  Keep in mind, one out of a thousand will more than  likely buy your product.

These tips are just a few highlighted actions that work.  They are not difficult and can bring about some very good results for you.

Try using them in various marketing programs for great results!

To Your Success!

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